Rob Shelsky attended Southwestern College, University of Victoria, and San Diego State University.  The author has lived in Australia, as well as Canada, and America, and has traveled widely elsewhere, especially to England, and Europe.  Rob has written many articles on writing, including, Medieval Hamlets, Villages, Towns, and Cities, for The Internet Review of Science Fiction Magazine, numerous articles for Alien Skin Magazine, and many for other publications.  England's Midnight Street Magazine has now published the article, Brave New World -- SciFi as Message for Political and Social Commentary.
The short story, Soap Bubbles, was the author's first published science fiction.  Implosion came out two years ago at Alien Skin Magazine.  Gateway SF Magazine published Let it be Forever.  Rob Shelsky placed four consecutive times in the L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest for 2003 and 2004.  Since then, the author has had numerous stories published, such as, This Narrow Isthmus -- Fifth Dimension Magazine, Without Omens -- Aberrant Dreams Magazine, Dance of the Butterflies -- Continuum Science Fiction Magazine, These Cold Depths of Space -- Fables Magazine, amongst many others. 
Aberrant Dreams Magazine has just accepted Bradbury County for publication, and Jim Baen’s Universe Magazine has accepted DreamtimeDark Wisdom has accepted his Serpent Caravan.  Rob's time travel romance novel, Lost Echoes, is now with Awestruck E-Books, due out in December, 2006.  His time travel romance short story, Miss Annabelle's Yankee, is due out in April of 2007 with Uncial PressLodestar Quarterly has just released his literary short story, Flowers in February.
Currently, the author is a resident columnist for Alien Skin Magazine.  Rob lives in North Carolina on ten acres, enjoys contemplating ideas for new stories while sipping a glass of wine, and watching red sunsets over the Blue Mountains.

* (trans)
"The fellow is either mad or he is composing verses."