Nadia Brown


  • Poetry Book of Merit 2005
  • Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Noble Prize 2007
  • Allbooks Review Editor's Choice Awards 2007
  • Muses Prize,(Best Poem of Year 2005 nominee)
  • Muses Prize - Best Tragic Poem of Year
  • 2nd Place Winner of Nubianpoets 2001 Contest
  • Honorable Mentioned Nubianpoets 2002 Contest


  • Florida Writers Association
  • Poetry Society of America
  • World Poets Society
  • American Authors Association
Nadia Brown is a freelance writer, poet, and author of the award-winning book, Unscrambled Eggs. Her poetry and articles have appeared in national and international magazines and literary journals. She is also the founder of For more information about her, visit her website at


With Nadia's poems I find myself in the darkest of my longing questions, come to light, as she sheds to me hopeful answers. Her poems are short and soft, yet incredibly effective, bringing on a sense of awe. It was difficult to find a favorite poem, for much of this work sparkles. Wherever one turns, words fly out and blind the reader. She is truly a gifted writer, brilliant in both mind and spirit. I would recommend Unscrambled Eggs to be read by anyone at any age of life.
-Anthony Liccione

Unscrambled Eggs defies the conventional, the prejudiced, and whets the human spirit with determination, hope, unyielding fidelity to one's purpose, and confession of one's own fallibilities. There is a strong penchant for a purpose in life, at times growing morose. But the poetess never fails in keeping hold of the softness that opens the reader's unbiased ear. This is achievement.
-Ernest Dempsey

An inspiring book of poetry that encourages and uplifts you... Brown's debut is sure to win the hearts of poetry lovers everywhere.
-Eraina B. Tinnin

A lyrical album of profound poetry.
-Aaron Paul Lazar

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