Judith Laura is an author of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Her most recent book, Beyond All Desiring, is a novel of mainstream/literary fiction with elements of magic realism and erotic passages. She is author of one previous novel, Three Part Invention, and two other books. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in journals such as Metropolitan, Pudding Magazine, Facets, Mid-America Poetry Review, Pedestal Magazine, HLFQ, So Dark So Deep, Soul Fountain, and anthologies such as Hot & Bothered 3, (Arsenal Pulp Press 2001), Prayers to Protest (Pudding House 1998), and A Pagan's Muse (Kensington/Citadel 2003).

Reviewers praise Beyond All Desiring, a trade paperback whose main character, Sara, is a woman in her 80s who has lived a life quite different from what her family assumes. Fresh Fiction calls it "a fantastic book," and Internet Book List says it's "a terrific read, an unusual book about an unusual woman."

Robin M. Buehler of The Compulsive Reader notes that "The book...may not be appropriate for everyone primarily due to the adult subject matter. Nonetheless, the book is a good read."

Rachel Pollack, award-winning author of Godmother Night, applauds Beyond All Desiring, remarking especially on the "strong characters driving it."  Barbara Ardinger, author of Quicksilver Moon, writes that life of the central character is "described with extraordinary vision and compassion. I enjoyed the book enormously."

A reader on Amazon.com calls it "a beautifully written novel" and notes that the book's other interesting characters include: "Sara's niece, Janice, a work-at-home mom; and her unmarried, career-conscious sister Barbara; Sara's rather weird husband, Harry, and others."  A reader on bn.com comments, "I enjoyed this book very much not only because of the twists and turns of the plot, but even more because of the way the truth about the main character, Sara, is slowly revealed, like peeling back layers on an onion."

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