Born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England, Jillian Dagg grew up reading. If she wasn't in one of the two libraries in her town, she was in the local bookstore. When she moved with her family to Canada she found something new to read. Romance novels. She became an avid reader of romances and read them by the dozen. But she also wrote her own stories. She doesn't know if any of her teachers ever knew that she was busily scrawling the end at the bottom of her latest story when the bell rang and signified it was time for the hero and heroine to ride off into the sunset. Now a multi-published romance author many of her hero and heroines are in books that have been read around the world. Jillian is a charter member of Romance Writers of America and an active member of The Writers' Union of Canada. She lives in Ontario with her husband and three crazy stray cats.

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The Marriage Dance - 4 cups
Jillian Dagg seduces her readers with this story and with her ability to immerse us in each characters’ particular appreciation for life. The romantic way in which she presents the ability of these two characters to understand each other makes the scenes and dialogue between these two memorable. This book is a must read. Rocio Rosado, Coffee Time Romance

The Marriage Dance - 5 Stars and a Reviewer’s Choice Award from Scribes World! With steamy scenes, the relationship begins to heat up and Dagg takes the reader on a wild ride showing a deep understanding of the dance world mixed in with the world of a lawyer. An exciting fast paced read, this is one book destined for the keeper’s shelf if it is not already there. Brenda Ramsbacher, Scribes World Reviews

The Marriage Dance "The provocative dance metaphor proves effective under Jillian James’ pen’ "- Romantic Times
The Marriage Dance ‘A story that satisfies’ - Affaire de Coeur
The Marriage Dance - Buy the book and see what happens’ -
Belles & Beaux of Romance

The Marriage Dance - Jillian Dagg is a great writer. I’ve read her work before. But I almost couldn’t like Anni because she was such a free-spirit. Steve’s character balanced her well-the saving grace of the story. I liked the HEAT generated in the words, the delicate sensory appreciation Anni and Steve have for each other. Jillian has a way with words that describe beautifully without becoming cumbersome. All in all, a pretty good read! - Reviewed by Joyce Levane - Romance Junkies

Both unlikely candidates for marriage Anni and Steve are sexually attracted to each other at their first meeting. She is a fiery free-spirited ballet dancer, not ready for a long term relationship that might detract from her dancing . He is a hardworking divorce lawyer who has no time for marriage. But they cannot stay away from each other. So the scene is set for the advance and retreat of THE MARRIAGE DANCE. Will they, won’t they make a commitment to each other? The question kept me in suspense, turning the pages of this excellent portrayal of a passionate contemporary love affair and marriage described by author Jillian Dagg in her customary clear and objective style. -
Flora Kidd, novelist

Reviewed by Tracy Atencio
THE MARRIAGE DANCE is a good example of how romance alone can begin a relationship, and how love can keep it. I loved the fact that Ms. Dagg kept the physical aspect out until after her main characters were married, yet the sexual tension between Anni and Steve could be clearly felt each time they were together. They absolutely sizzled! And it was interesting to find a female character that was more self-absorbed than her male counterpart.THE MARRIAGE DANCE is perfect for those of you who are looking for a sweet, heartfelt, genuine romance in the truest sense of the word. Jillian Dagg has done a remarkable job bringing romance back into the twenty-first century!
Three Quills from Novelspot -
Review for The Fletcher Legacy
From the Fletcher Paper Company’s boardroom in Vancouver to a cabin in the wilderness forest of British Columbia, Jillian Dagg takes the reader on the roller coaster ride of a love affair between a wealthy business woman and a rugged environmental activist. Conflict, desire, and resistance culminate in the passion of true love. Romance with a darker side - Flora Kidd, novelist.

A beautiful story,
Lucky 13 is bound to entrance the reader with quick read full of love and laughter. Luke and Carolyn fit the bill showing that love doesn’t have to come all at once but can show up bit by bit throughout until the only solution is marriage and a love that lives forever. Although the scenes were predictable, this reviewer loved the idea of finding love on the highway with twelve men, two women, and the boss. - Brenda Ramsbacher