About Jenny Ashford

Jenny Ashford was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1972, and fell in love with ghosts, witches and monsters as soon as she was able to read stories about them. Much of her childhood was spent watching The Addams Family, listening to goth rock, and scouring thrift shops for black lace dresses and veils.

After making a fruitless attempt at a writing career after high school, she gave up and went to college to be a graphic designer. The writing bug, however, never went away, and Jenny kept writing scary stories in her off hours.

Her first published story was Jacks Black Shadow, which was a runner-up in her local newspapers Halloween story contest. Later stories appeared on the DeviantLit webzine, and even later ones appeared in actual anthologies like ChimeraWorld #3, ChimeraWorld #4 (both from Chimericana Books), History Is Dead (Permuted Press), Crossings (Drollerie Press), and 2012 AD(Severed Press).

Now Jenny has a published book of short stories called Hopeful Monsters, has a novel called Bellwether that came out in December 2010, and has several dozen more unpublished short stories and nine or ten more novels waiting in the wings, and has a notebook crammed with a gazillion more story ideas.

She is also an artist, working in ad design as a day job (on the night shift), making horror-themed stationery, soap, perfume and playing cards, and doing bizarre pop-art paintings and Photoshop collages in any spare moments.

She loves old school punk and deathrock, Mystery Science Theater 3000, books about evolution, David Lynch movies, and coffee.

About Jenny's Writing

Bellwether by Jenny Ashford
eBook ISBN: 9781615722686
Print ISBN: 9781615722693

About the book:
Just when you thought home renovation couldn't be a bigger headache, along comes s haunting and a crazy supernatural cult.

Martin, Chloe, Ivan, and Olivia are four arty friends who have bought and renovated an old house once owned by a magician who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

No sooner have they slapped on the last lick of paint than trouble starts brewing: First come nightmares, suggesting something lurks behind the walls that isn't insulation. Then comes the parade of strange, empty-eyed people who want to get into the house.

The nightmares get worse, finally leading to a bizarre discovery in the bowels of the house. The strange people multiply, threatening the lives and sanity of the four heroes and their friends. It all leads up to a confrontation between the dueling forces plaguing the house from within and without — but who are the good guys when both sides are evil?

Hopeful Monsters by Jenny Ashford
ISBN: 1449508103 / 9781449508104
About the book:
Hopeful Monsters is a collection of 17 original horror stories written over the past decade. Includes tales of rival zombie cults, killer mind viruses, pond-dwelling hags and Russian mail-order brides. A group of freakish outsiders strive to take the next step in human evolution... A vicious serial murderer finds himself stepping on the toes of some very powerful beings... A journalist gets caught in the middle of a battle between rival zombie cults... A hapless woman causes bloody carnage with an uncontrollable killer mind virus.A collection of macabre tales, monsters who hope to either shed their monstrosity... or revel in it.

Available Here
Published by Drollerie Press

"Quarantine" appears in the anthology Crossings (Drollerie Press). This ghost story anthology includes stories by Jenny Ashford, “Quarantine” Scott Nicholson, “She Climbs A Winding Stair” AJ Kirby, “Hand Me Down” BD Wilson, “Ghostlines” Tim Mulcahy, “Literary Visit”s N. K. Kingston, “Seeds” Emma Eshleman, “Spooked” Kristen Marie Hannum, “Hale’iwa Remains” Suzanne J. Willis, “Memory Lane” Thomas J. Barlow, “Take It Like a Man” Die Booth, “The Ghost Bride”
Available from Drollerie Press

Published by Severed Press "The Five Hills of Ichcaanziho" appears in the 2012 AD Apocalyptic Anthology.
DECEMBER 21ST 2012 The most accurate calendar the world has ever seen, the 5,125 year old Mayan long count calendar turns over to Zero. Are we on the brink of APOCALYPSE?
In the Highlands of Guatemala an ancient terror rises from the cornfields...
In India a renowned physicist calculates not just the end of the world but of time itself, but what did the ancient Maya know that she doesn't?...
What secret monstrosity do the pyramids of Costa Rica hide? ...With the planets aligned Mayan Gods gather to end the fourth and final age of man. Severed Press brings you 10 short stories exploring the Mayan 2012 End of Days myth.
Available on Amazon

Published by Permuted Press

"The Anatomy Lesson" appeared in the anthology History Is Dead.
A collection of gruesome tales from throughout the ages, the ravenous undead shamble through bloody battlefields, plague-ridden cities, genteel country estates, and dusty frontier towns. They emerge from foggy cemeteries, frozen barrows, loamy bogs, cursed mines, and gore-spattered operating rooms to prey on the living. But these zombies don't just eat people. They help painters and writers save their faltering careers. They unwittingly push humankind on the quest for fire. They topple evil capitalists and their corporate empires. They fight crime. They fall in love.
Available on Amazon and at the Permuted Press book store

Published by Chimericana Books
6" x 9" trade perfect-bound
"Painted Windows" appears in the anthology ChimeraWorld #4. The modern motorcar (and the industry that surrounds it) is nothing but a cancer on the face of the Earth. Jenny Ashford, Mark Zirbel, Christina Kinnan, Paul Murray Collrin, Liam Davies, Courtney Burback, Mark Robyn, M.P. Johnson, Tyler Runde, J. M. Heluk, Kelly Stevens, Ken C Goldman, Ray Wallace, Gerard Brennan, Brad C. Hodson, M. Jones, Suzanne Burns, Jeff Drake, Cameron Pierce, Sean Rickards, David Mitchell Turnbull, Kek-W and Alex Severin bring us twenty-three tales of the revolting lives and ugly deaths of these beasts of the road. Long may they remain dead.
Available on Amazon and Lulu
Published by Chimericana Books
6" x 9" trade perfect-bound
"Spreading the Love" appeared in the anthology ChimeraWorld #3
Misogyny, atheism and terrorism in one issue? It must be Chimeraworld #3 time. Twenty-three short stories of sexual annihilation, god murder and exploding children all mingled together in one really nasty annual debauch of the senses. Fiction was never meant to be this extreme, this subversive, this genre-breaking. Share the pain and pleasure of Jenny Ashford, Ralph Greco, Jr., Dean R Winters, Michael De Kler, Nicholas Alan Tillemans, C. C. Parker, Joshua Scribner, Sean Logan, Chet Gottfried, Paul Pinn, D.L. Snell, Anthony Armstrong, C.L. Russo, Will McIntosh, Tim McDaniel, Michael A. Kechula, Kevin James Miller, Richard Pitaniello, Richard D. Moore, Liam Davies, Tonya Price, Glen Alan Hamilton, David L Tamarin.
Available on Amazon and Lulu

"The Convergent Wail of Sirens" appears in the DeviantLit webzine
"At the Gates of the Serpent's Garden" appears in the DeviantLit webzine