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Diana Laurence writes erotic romance with a very specific goal in mind: to show how sex can possess a purity, a cleanness, a truly spiritual beauty. She holds that through such fiction, the reader can beneficially explore the deeper archetypal and spiritual elements of sex. The power of sex in literature is derived from the personalities it engages; it is the union of souls, the commingling of distinct personalities, which provides us a better understanding of the purpose and value and beauty of sex. Through Diana’s stories, she tries to find new ways to tap into the innocent, pure, spiritual source of joy that sex can be.

Reviewers say:

"Laurence has mastered the art of short storytelling." Romantic Times BOOKclub

"...erotic romance at its best. Ms. Laurence creates short stories that will captivate readers from beginning to end. Some erotic romances can leave the readers feeling uncomfortable with how the language is used to describe the scenes, but...the erotic scenes are beautifully written." -- Coffee Time Romance

"Ms. Laurence writes beautiful love scenes that are as uplifting and tender as they are arousing. It's wonderful to find a writer who realizes that sex and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Combining the two can be incredible. -- Fallen Angel Reviews

"Laurence's take on romance and need and what is sacred is a wonderful read for those who are looking for something that's just a little different." -- ParanormalRomance Reviews

"Soulful Sex is a highly entertaining, very erotic, and extremely intelligent look at sex and the bonds that form between people who share such an elemental connection." -- Sime~Gen

"Diana Laurence writes sensuality like a Rembrandt painting." -- eCataRomance

"If you are looking for a book containing true romance, sinfully hot love scenes without the vulgar words or slang so commonly used today, heroes that are strong yet tender when the need arises, and heroines full of spunk and desire, then Ms. Laurence's Soulful Sex is just what your mind, body and soul have been searching for." -- Love Romances

"Each story is unique in the telling, and includes romance, love, and passion. Ms. Laurence pens touching, passion-filled tales of lust, love and romance." -- Romance Junkies

"[Diana Laurence] has a unique voice and gives great detail...truly a gifted wordsmith." -- In the Library Reviews

"Ms. Laurence has taken us to the dark side of passion and the bright side of true love. Her characters feel real and her storytelling pulls you into the moments of the tales. She mixes hot sex with the soul touching perfection of love." -- A Romance Review

"Soulful Sex is a great book that perfectly mixes romance and erotica. Diana Laurence has done an excellent job creating stories of fantasy, magic, romance and passion." -- The Romance Studio

By Diana Laurence:

  • Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance (Volume I) – ebook, 2004
  • Souls’ Embrace – ebook and print book, ebook, 2004
  • Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance Volume II – ebook, 2005
  • Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance Volumes I & II – print book, 2005
  • Soulful Sex: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Romance Volume III – ebook and print book, 2006
  • Diana's Deck Romance Fortune Telling Cards
  • Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing – ebook, 2006 (as Diane Lau)
  • Soulful Sex: The Paranormal Collection – ebook, 2006
  • Soulful Sex: The Science Fiction Collection – ebook, 2006
  • Soulful Sex: The Fantasy Collection – ebook, 2007
  • Soulful Sex: The Paranormal, Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection – print book, 2007

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Free ebooks by Diana Laurence:

The following works are available for free download from the Living Beyond Reality Press READ FREE Project (
www.livingbeyondreality.com/readfree.html) in html, pdf, lit and Mobipocket formats.

  • “Tartan” – short story, 2005
  • “Playacting” – short story, 2005
  • “Artemis in Love” – short story, 2004
  • “Secret Santas” – short story, 2004
  • “The Scarlet Shackle” – short story, 2004
  • “Gift of Flesh” – novella, 2004 (as Diane Lau)
  • “The Golden Padawan” – novel, 2004 (as Diane Lau)

Selected Awards:

2004 Eppie Award Finalist for Best Anthology
Soulful Sex Volume I
2004 Preditors & Editors Best Non-Fiction Article: First Place
2005 Preditors & Editors Best Author: Fifth Place
2005 Reviewers International Organization RIO Award Finalist for Best Short Story: “Je t’aime, Etienne” from
Soulful Sex Volume II
2005 The Romance Studio Blue, Author of the Year
2006 eCataromance.com Reviewers Choice Award
Soulful Sex Volume III