About Me
Although I say I've been writing since the fifth grade, there is that little cloth-covered book mom has titled Ralph that bears my signature from the third grade. Involving, naturally, my dog Ralph and myself as we ventured into a rabbit hole leading to the underworld, (sorry, Lewis Carroll), it is my first published claim to fame.

I've been writing ever since. From short stories to poems to articles to six unpublished novels, I love painting pictures with words.

I look forward to the day of becoming an independently wealthy writer (if there is such a creature) but in the meantime, I spend my time teaching English as a Second Language to wonderful middle school children from all over the world (who often teach me more than I teach them). I also volunteer in my local gardening group, for the local diabetes association and for my local RWA chapter as the Meeting Chair (Are you interested in speaking to us? Email me, let's talk.)

I wouldn't be able to spend so much time alone with my words and thoughts if I didn't have a wonderful family supporting me. Thanks to my husband and son (and puppy Omar) for enduring lots of pizza and dirty sinks.

If you've enjoyed any of my writing clips and would like to use them on your writing site or in your writing newsletter, I'm happy to help. Just let me know so I can mention it in my blog and please include proper credit.

Mandi's Lucky Day
When it comes to finding the perfect man, Mandi needs all the help she can get— including a pair of lucky earrings with a reputed history of matchmaking powers.

So when one of the antique emeralds comes up missing, should Mandi hold tight to the belief that the earring will return, and with it a fresh, new love? Or is just wishful thinking on the part of a romantic girl in a corporate world?

12 Pages Sweet