Ilona's book Unearthly Companion . . .
'In this collection of eclectic poetry, Hungarian poet Ilona Hegedus tackles horror, science-fiction, fantasy and present day settings with a combination of humor, poignancy and the macabre. This poetry collection never settles down into just one theme, but challenges the reader with each new entry. Inside, you'll find characters as diverse as they come: living, dead, un-dead and inanimate. You'll question what constitutes life and what drives human (and alien) emotion. Some of these poems will tug at the corners of your mouth with humor, while others will tug at the heartstrings. Still others will raise the hackles on the back of your neck. So settle in, open to the first page and begin a journey that will see you conversing with vampires, ghosts, space travelers, cops, attorneys, warriors and computers.'
Frank Zafiro

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